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Ameriie's Unsung Story: (Competition with Beyonce/J-Lo, label drama, and more)

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Support Ameriie's new book (Because You Love To Hate Me Vol I): I did a music documentary on R&B/pop singer and songwriter Amerie. I thought this video was long overdue, considering that Amerie and her music producer, Rich Harrison, made an impressive mark in music in circa 2005. Amerie and Rich reintroduced DC's go-go music to the mainstream pop world. Amerie's biggest hits include "One Thing", "Why Don't We Fall In Love", "Talkin to Me", "Gotta Work", and "Paradise" ft. Ll Cool J. _____ Business Info ***** Contacts: Instagram: @EmpressiveTV snapchat: EmpressiveTV Facebook: Email: Website:
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